So, how do you choose the best swing for your baby? As Best Baby Swing Chair , I believe no matter what swing you choose, whether its a Fisher Price, Graco or one of the newer swings like the mamaRoo, you need to know what to look for in a baby swing.

Baby swings are a lifesaver for mom and a great way to comfort your baby when you are not able to. Here are a few tips to help you find just the right swing for your baby!!

1) The best swing for a baby has covers that are removable and easy to wash. As a mom, I promise you’ll want this due to diaper complications (aka the blowout), spills, spit up etc…

2) Look for a swing with easy access that allows you to lay your baby in the swing and take them out without bumping their head. Some swings offer mobiles that turn out of the way when you are putting your baby in or taking them out of the swing. Also look for two reclining positions.

3) Next, be sure and consider space. Some swings can take up a ton of space. If you need to save on space consider some sort of space saver swing.

4) Make sure you like the way it looks! What you choose will be sitting in your living room for 6-10 months.Choose wisely for both you and your baby!

5) Choose a swing that has a variety of speeds and different motions or rocking patterns. As we all know, a good car ride can usually get your baby right to sleep. Some baby swings even have this option so be sure and see what the baby swing has to offer.

6) Finally, look for a swing that is comfortable and that will soothe your baby. Make sure it offers nice music and that there is a volume control. Some swings even provide a place to plug your iPod into so you can choose the music yourself.